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Multiple Searches and Improved Display

It’s now possible for you to update your search criteria and run multiple investor Smart Searches. We even save previous searches for you so you can always refer back. Paid plans get unlimited searches. On the free model, you can do one, but you now will get to see your top 100 matches rather than just ten.

The second big change is how we display the Smart Search results. Its more visual and better reflects the model’s outputs, using our very technical ‘heart’ system. The more hearts, the more heavily the investor’s portfolio is skewed towards that category or location. Fewer hearts generally means the investor is less sector or location focused. So even though they may not have invested in this category or location before, our model doesn’t think there is anything to indicate that they will not in the future.

The last big change is we now run on top-level Crunchbase categories, which numbers about 40 in all. Previously we had over 700 which reduced the helpfulness of the model because it was running on such limited data. So, we’ve substituted a bit of precision for much better accuracy, which we think paints a more complete picture of the investor landscape.

What We’re Working on Next

The next update we’ll be releasing will be a major update to Smart Search investor matching model. It will scan deeper into the Crunchbase data and will return fuller results.

In addition, we are aiming to add a LinkedIn integration that will help you identify who you might be able to go through for an introduction to your investor targets.

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