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Rebrand, Track preview, and logos for Search

Been a busy week here at Capital Pilot HQ on both product and marketing side. As you’ll notice, we have rebranded the Launchpad product as Navigator. It’s nice to have a fresh start!

The biggest product change is that we’ve released a preview of our new Track feature, which replaces the simple table we used to have. Track is a visual investor CRM that helps you stay organised as you push investor relationships through the various stages they need to go during your fundraise.

A bit minimalist at the moment, but more to come soon!

You’ll be able to use Track on any plan. You can add investors to the board from the Search feature, or add your own manually. We’d love to hear your feedback, plus any suggestions for new features you’d like to see.

Last little thing is we’ve added investor logos to the Search page so it’s a bit less dense 🎉

Looks even better on a MacBook Pro

That’s it for now. We are on a weeklong sprint cycle at the moment so look for new stuff on a regular basis, and make sure to send CTO Tom minion gifs on Twitter. That keeps him going.

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