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New feature alert: Announcing PitchSend deck tracking and analytics

The latest release includes a brand-spanking new feature: PitchSend!

PitchSend is a pitch sharing tool that integrates with Track investor CRM and creates a unique link to your pitch deck that you can share with each investor. It will give you insights on:

  • Whether they’ve looked at your deck and how many times
  • Whether they’ve downloaded it
  • Which slides they spend the most time on
Click on the investor card in Track and you’ll seen the stats in their profile

There is also an aggregated dashboard where you can see analytics across all investors who have looked at your deck which will show you which slides the most time is spent on, the average amount of the deck each investor views, and where the most drop-offs are so you can make updates and improve the pitch.

Cards in Track will be updated when investors view your deck, if they download it, and if they are viewing it multiple times so you can see right from Track who the priorities are, and who needs a follow-up.

Checkmark means they viewed, down arrow means they downloaded it, and the heart means they looked at it more than once

To turn on PitchSend just head over to the documents page and upload your deck. Then when you click on each investor card in Track you’ll see a unique link to share with that investor to

We’ve also tweaked the pricing model so you have access to all these features free for 14 days so you won’t have to upgrade to trial them out.

Watch the demo video to see the new features in action

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