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Navigator is your Fundraise Stack

One solution bringing all your fundraise admin into one easy to use platform

PitchSend Analytics

Create and share unique links to your pitch deck. Track who's opening it, how often and which pages they spend the most time on. Get aggregated data from all investors so you know which pages people are dropping off on. Ditch the worry that someone has an out of date deck - the link always goes to the latest version.

Track Investor CRM Dashboard

A visual CRM for tracking your investor conversations. Get away from Excel or bloated CRMs. Add investor leads directly from Search, or add your existing targets quickly.

Expert Assessment

Get quick feedback and guidance on your investor proposition from our network of experts. Within a week you will receive a 10-page report with in-depth analysis, a score indicating your likelihood of fundraising success and suggestions on how to improve.

Fundraise Resources

Pitch deck templates, guides on valuation, document checklists, and much much more. Whether you are a first time founder or seasoned entrepreneur, there is always more to learn about the grind of fundraising.

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Crowdsource Introductions

Leverage your network to get investor intro's through our simple tool. Invite your friends, existing investors and advisors to help you connect with your target list of investors.

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Streamline your fundraise admin. Close your round quicker.

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